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The Story behind the LOVR Network

Made in Germany

The oldest profession in the world still works very old-fashioned and shady. Due to the discriminated financial landscape of the adult industry, working conditions and circumstances are in a horrible state. We believe that regardless the profession every human being should be treated equally. Therefore we developed a solution for payment transactions in the industry, also solving the problem of consensual exchange of discreet services for payment, with the ability for businesses and individuals to take the chance of participating in a decentralized structure.

The Adult Industry has Problems


Payment transactions for services in the adult industry heavily rely on cash or imply high-fees, due to discriminations by payment providers.

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Governmental regulations

Even though the market size of the traditional adult industry is huge, governmental efforts to ensure a safe execution in the traditinal market fail.

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Lack of innovation

The horrible stigma of the adult industry kept venture capitalist away from investing into innovations and left the traditional industry in the stone age.

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Blockchain is the Solution

With blockchain technology we are able to bring a solution to the market which is fundamental. Dezentralization by design will solve existing problems regarding privacy, safety and trust which has been missing in the adult industry until now.

Developing for the Future

The future of the adult industry is exciting. With new technologies the industry profits from decentralization ending the discrimation rendered by middlemen in the past.

Payment processor for the adult industry

Peer-to-Peer Payments for everyone

Our payment processor will be used worldwide to transact secure, safe and reliable payments in the adult industry online, offline, B2C and B2B. The payment ecosystem is built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. We have issued an ERC20-compliant utility token that will used for every possible transaction in the adult industry.

Enhancing Business Opportunities and Profit

Adult Business Solutions

Businesses in the adult industry, both on and offline, have to pay a high price for working in the oldest business of the world. High-fees, bad reputation and poor tools lower income and efficiency. With the software tools we provide, you can take your business to the next level.

We provide interfaces to transact secure, fast and cost-efficient payment transactions.

The Revolution for Discreet Service Providers

Outstanding Management Tool for Discreet Services

Service providers in the adult industry face serious problems in means of managing their schedule, making reliable appointments and receiving payments. We are developing a powerful management tool and listing platform for service offers and payment transactions. The solution agencies, clubs and individuals have been waiting for.

It's about Anonymity, Convenience and Safety

Discreet Services Booking Platform

Customers of today browse on intransparent websites, stone-age listing platforms and ad-crowded pages. Our first product utilizing our blockchain enabled payment ecosystem is the outstanding booking platform for discreet services, that is the first of it's kind. All service providers in one place, easy communication and fraud-resilient.

We are empowering the traditional adult industry with a reliable, secure and convenient booking platform.

We are ready for the future

There are no Limits with LOVR Network

Open to 3rd parties

LOVR Network's payment solutions are open to 3rd party businesses who want to profit from a decentralized low-fee payment transaction provider.


Being published to the Ethereum blockchain, no middlemen are involved. Low-fees, fraud-resilience and fairness.


The adult industry suffers from high-fees due to being a "high-risk" for payment providers. Our solution renders expensive middlement obsolete.


The Ethereum blockchain is practically unhackable due to it's secure nature.


Transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are just connected to a wallet address without exposing the user's identity.

No chargebacks

Blockchain technology is offering the adult industry a solution to its financial transaction troubles.

Our Incredible Team

Get to know the creative heads behind LOVR Network that will bring justice into the adult industry. We have already begun.

Our Industry Advisors

We have some of the best advisors and partners on board that support us with every step. Strong partners and adult industry legends.

Utility Token Metrics

The LOVR Token distribution model makes sure, that both enough funding is risen throughout the sales peroid and reserves are kept for later possible fundraising, marketing and incentives. Additionally LOVR holds back a special fund for social organizations to give something back to the community. LOVR Tokens in the team fund are locked up for 12 months and will then be distributed with 6 month-cliffs over 24 months.

Public Token Sale: Cancelled

This absolutely does not mean that we are not getting listed on exchanges or may not schedule an ICO at a later stage!

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We present LOVR Network, a cryptocurrency ecosystem particularly tailored for the needs of the adult entertainment industry. In a nutshell, we render middlemen and associated fees obsolete, by employing an anonymous way to send payments with lower fees than it was ever possible before. Our goal is to disrupt the way in which payments are processed both within the online and offline adult entertainment industry and change real-life scenarios to the better.


LOVR Network Bookings

When we are talking about the adult services industry, we are essentially talking about the offline adult services industry. This is because there are currently no real and workable solutions for booking adult services online without media breaks, like calling or texting a mobile number. Even if there were real solutions for booking adult services, high surcharges would be obligatory through traditional payment processing methods. Adult services providers suffer greatly from high cancellation rates, most even without notification, leaving them to wait for a rescheduling or not getting paid at all. This will change with the LOVR Booking Platform, an online booking platform for discreet services. You can already try our alpha version to get a taste on how it may look like.

Health certificates

Health certificates will be stored decentralized and in an anonymous fashion on the blockchain, allowing health checks of sex workers.

KYC compliance

Basic identity information, like age and country of residence, will be pseudonymously stored on the blockchain.

Proof of Consent

Reliable bookings are crucial for service providers of discreet services and in the past there was no solution for that. This changes now.

Flexible advertising fees

Service providers who want to enjoy higher placements in search results can pay a fee for advertisements on a pay-per-hour basis.

Wallet integration

Seamless wallet integration and connection to cryptocurrency exchanges allows eal-time conversion of LOVR Tokens to fiat money.


Decentralization of the booking platforms core feature ensures fairness and every service provider is treated equally.

Flexible Advertising Structure with Artifical Intelligence

Every service provider will be able to show up with a free listing and rank higher in search results by paying a fee in LOVR Tokens. A flexible advertising structure will be realized on the blockchain and the higher the demand, the higher the fee for being shown to clients at the beginning of search results.

Very popular locations will have a higher advertising fee than lower populated areas. The advertising fees will be paid by the individuals/agencies on a pay-per-hour basis.


Work on LOVR started in early 2016 by founder Robin C. Attig. The idea behind LOVR was to digitalize the adult entertainment industry globally, especially with the offline market which is still managed by old structures and very far away from digital media and modern systems. The business worked in this way and is still working for the vast majority of the businesses today.

The adult industry will change to survive while competing with other upcoming and existing adult businesses. One of the main questions for the future will be how to keep offline consumers’ participation anonymous while making payments without cash. and is still working for the vast majority of the businesses. But with new laws and with new guidelines from the government the industry is changing. The industry will change to survive with their existing adult businesses. One of the main questions for the future will be how to keep the anonymity by paying without cash.

LOVR intends to permanently change the way in which payments are processed in the adult industry globally. Additionally, we are seeing many deficiencies in existing business processes that need to be majorly improved, such as reliable bookings with sex workers. To achieve this, we are attempting to target existing partnerships first, gain trust from the market, and expand the business value to the adult industry all over the globe.

Frequently asked Questions

The frequently asked questions and answers about LOVR Network

  • Basics

  • What is LOVR Network?

    LOVR Network is the payment solution for the discriminated adult industry. We also develop several products on top of the blockchain for the adult entertainment market. As one of the first innovative products, LOVR develops a globally accessible booking platform that enables reliable bookings of discreet services and eliminates issues such as privacy invasion, account hacking, unwanted soliciting, and more.

  • Which problems will LOVR Network solve in the adult industry?

    LOVR Network will replace traditional payment methods in the adult industry online and offline, B2C and B2B which charge high fees and block accounts of individuals and businesses. As solution LOVR will provide an anonymous payment system for purchasing adult entertainment related content, services and products. With LOVR consumers can pay safe, anonymous and independent and our partners will spend less fees for payment transactions and will gain more profit for their business.

  • Where is LOVR Network based?

    We are based in Germany, the perfect location to start an adult industry company. The traditional sex industry is completely regulated and legal in Germany, as well as in many other countries.

  • What can LOVR Tokens be used for?

    The LOVR Token will be used to pay for any kind of adult related service, may that be online or offline, business-to-customer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B)

  • Why do you think the project will succeed?

    Honestly? This is very easy to answer. The adult industry is discriminated when it comes to payments and there is a huge lack of innovation due to the nature of raising capital in the industry. With LOVR Network we make use of a decentralized approach bringing fairness to the oldest profession on the planet. The market is huge, we have the perfect team for this task and experienced advisors on board.

  • Tokenomics

  • How can I buy LOVR Tokens?

    You can participate in our main sale which starts July 1st and buy LOVR Tokens. Make sure you passed the whitelisting and KYC process before you invest.

  • What are the LOVR Token Metrics?

    1 billion LOVR Tokens were officially minted. 550M tokens are for public sale. Each token will cost in between 0.00004 ETH and 0.00007 ETH (0.03 – 0.05€) depending on the stage of the main sale you are investing.

  • When does the main sale start?

    The LOVR Network main sale starts on July 1st and ends September 30th , or when the hard-cap of 10M € has been reached.

  • What is the whitelisting process about?

    Getting whitelisted ensures, that you have passed our KYC process and can directly invest against our crowdsale SmartContract.

  • How can LOVR Tokens increase in value?

    The more the LOVR Token will be accepted by the adult industry, the more it will rise in value. We will also see a price increase with every exchange the LOVR Token will be traded on.


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